Monday, November 2, 2009

Grace. Our Voice.

I wonder, how much would this world be affected if Christians would begin to really take hold of the power of His Grace. If we could begin, to really, take the limits off what His grace is capable of and what He wants to do. What could we accomplish? If we could latch on to the free and unmeasurable gift of His grace instead of petty differences in our man made dogma what could we as the Church do?

Could we take the world for His truth? Could we see a world brought to His glory? Could we see as Christ prayed "Earth as it is in Heaven"?

I think all of things are possible. I think that is why we are here. We are explosions of Grace every time we walk into a room. We are more than co-workers, more than friends, we are the realization of The Unmeasurable Grace of Jesus to a dyeing world.

We have the responsibility, no that's the wrong word, we have the Honor of carrying the Grace that was so freely given to us to everyone around us whether they are Christians, Muslims, White, Black, Gay or Straight.